Agrabah Palace Exterior

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Scenic Backdrop Details

SKU: 009-00180-4018-MH-01-4
Name: Agrabah Palace Exterior
Condition: 4
Fire Retardant? Yes
Weight: 46 lbs.
Rent Info: Rent Per Week $425.00
Purchase Info: Purchase Price $2,125.00

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Description: A very popular TheatreWorld backdrop and has suffered from a number of cuts and bruises. It has been bandaged and fixed up, but it no longer meets TheatreWorld's "new/like-new" quality standards. With creative lighting and staging, this backdrop will look great!

A stunning scenic backdrop beautifully displaying the sultan's Agrabah Palace exterior! The palace includes 17 towers with unique gold domes overlooking the City of Agrabah. Part of our Disney-inspired ALADDIN Signature Series!
Keywords: ALADDIN, desert, Agrabah, palace, castle, exterior, Disney, Signature Series